High definition video assist for 35 mm film

The HD-IVS is a high definition video assist unit for ARRICAM and ARRIFLEX 435 cameras. With a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, it facilitates better judgment of focus, improved dynamic range and more visible detail in shadow and highlight areas.

ARRI's HD-IVS video assist explained. Features Jon Fauer, ASC with George Schmidt and Gus Gustafson of ARRI CSC

A video assist unit records its images from the ground glass in the film camera; this ensures that framing and the impression of depth of field are identical between the film and video assist images. With the HD-IVS, an electronic compensation reduces the grain structure of the ground glass in the live feed, generating a noticeably cleaner image. Software-based image processing tasks such as anamorphic de-squeezing and dead pixel correction are also possible. In addition, selected images can be transferred and stored as standard files on a USB stick via a USB interface on the HD-IVS.

Main Features

Unprecedented Image Quality:
• 1920 x 1080 high resolution output
• Three stops more dynamic range than traditional standard definition video assists
• Ground Glass Cancellation (GGC) for a clean, sharp image
• Less noise through optimised exposure control
• Sharp, high contrast image
• Excellent colour reproduction

Screen Capture:
• Capture of individual HD images onto a USB stick
• Load captured images back into the HD-IVS and superimpose over live image for alignment with previous takes

Anamorphic Preview:
• Built-in electronic de-squeezing of 2x or 1.3x squeezed anamorphic images

Three HD-SDI Outputs:
• 4:2:2 colour sampling
• With overlay, without overlay and switchable
• Progressive, progressive segmented frame or interlaced output
• 23.976, 24, 25, 29.97 or 30 fps

Retains Popular IVS Features:
• Simple user interface
• Flicker free operation
• Design and optics closely integrated with host film camera
• Integrated frame line and text inserter
• Compare life to stored image
• Automatic and manual gain control
• Various white balance options: indoor, outdoor, manual and one-push-white