Russian Arm

Russian Arm

Get to the heart of the action from every angle with ARRI Media's mobile camera support system

The Russian Arm is a remote-controlled, vehicle mounted crane that consists of a gyro-stabilised pan and tilt arm fitted with a 3-axis gyro-stabilised Flight Head.

A specially designed heavy duty roof platform allows the Russian Arm to be mounted onto its main base, the ‘Stealth’ high speed tracking vehicle – a modified Mercedes ML 55 AMG supplied in partnership with Bickers Action.

Together, the Russian Arm and Stealth tracking vehicle make it possible to track and shoot a moving subject from just about any and every angle. With 360° panning capability, the crane arm can make a complete rotation around the Stealth in just six seconds. The camera can be raised to achieve a full frame overhead shot or lowered to just above ground level, and, in the right circumstances, even below ground level.

Both the crane arm and Flight Head are gyro-stabilised to help achieve a stable image while travelling at speed. The action may be frantic, but the shots are always smooth – no matter how rough the road or aggressive the driving.

The Stealth’s interior is fitted out with everything needed to operate the crane arm, remote head and camera package, including joystick consoles, monitors, talkback system and playback facility, as well as an on-board short range wireless video link which can be used to transmit a live picture back to base over a range of up to 300 metres.

The Russian Arm has changed the way tracking shots are achieved and has helped to capture dynamic footage for countless productions, including scenes for major feature films such as WAR HORSE, ROBIN HOOD, IRON MAN 2, HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS: PART 1 & 2, as well as numerous commercials.

Features & specifications

Crane arm
• Pan and tilt axis gyro-stabilised for image stability
• 360° panning capability around the Stealth tracking vehicle
• Operating tilt angle: ±45°
• Speed: 6 sec/360°
• Reach from fulcrum: 4.1 m (13’ 5.5”)
• Fulcrum from ground: 2.44 m (8′)
• Maximum lens height front of vehicle: 2.85 m (9’ 4”)
• Maximum lens height side of vehicle: 4.39 m (14’ 5”)
• Maximum lens height rear of vehicle: 4.09 m (13’ 5”)
• Minimum camera operating height from ground level: 30.5 cm (12″)
• Height of crane arm when level: 3.15 m (10’ 4”)
• Maximum arm payload (remote head & camera package): 65 kg (143.3 lbs)
• Weight (Russian Arm, Flight Head, camera & counter weights): 350 kg (771.62 lbs)
• Fully controlled from inside the Stealth via joystick console
• Talkback system includes five internal and four external communication devices

Flight Head
• 3-axis gyro-stabilised for image stability
• Pan: 360°, with back-pan compensation
• Roll: +110° / ­230°
• Tilt: +80° / -155°
• Preston FI+Z, ARRI LCS, RCU and CAC wired inside the Stealth
• Weight: 28 kg (61.72 lbs)

Technician requirements
For safe operation of the Russian Arm and Stealth tracking vehicle a minimum of three technicians are required; a precision driver to control the Stealth’s position and speed, a Russian Arm operator to control the crane arm and a Russian Arm/Flight Head technician.

Vehicle speed dependant on conditions and application. The lighter the camera package, the better the stabilisation and responsiveness of both the Russian Arm and Flight Head.

For booking enquiries or to discuss the specific requirements of your project please contact:
ARRI Media: +44 (0)1895 457100  OR  Bickers Action: +44 (0)1449 761300

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