Data Download Unit

Data Download Unit

ARRI Media's on-set data wrangling solution for ARRIRAW and ProRes material

The Data Download Unit (DDU) has been designed by ARRI Media to ease the handling of ARRIRAW or ProRes file-based media, produced from one or more ARRI ALEXA cameras. It is intended to be used on or near the set by an experienced data manager or DIT, but can optionally be located at the production base or in the off-line cutting room. Any required training in the functions available and the software used can be provided during the camera testing period.

The DDU includes a high specification Mac Pro ‘tower’, a Codex Desktop Transfer Station (DTS) interfaced to the Mac by a high speed SAN connection, a 24″ high resolution computer monitor, a Sonnet media reader (suitable for SxS cards) and an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) to protect against supply problems (fed from a single 16 A mains connection) - all housed in a robust, wheeled, transit and operational case. In use, the front and back of the case are removed and the monitor mounted on top, while the DTS is typically mounted on the pull-out keyboard shelf. Other optional items can be added to the DDU to suit the individual requirements of a project and mounted in the available 19″ rack space, such as an external RAID disk unit with, for example, four 12 TB drives.

Software which typically runs on the DDU includes ALEXA Data Manager (for data handling and verification), ARRI Look Creator, ARRIRAW Converter, DaVinci Resolve Lite and the Codex Virtual File System (for checking and monitoring of recorded material).

DDU basic functions

  • High speed downloading and verification of ARRIRAW data recorded on Codex Onboard Recorder(s), allowing the Codex Datapacks to be returned to set for re-use; a full 256 GB Datapack, containing 24 minutes of recorded ARRIRAW material, will typically be downloaded and verified in about 45 minutes.
  • High speed downloading and verification of ProRes data recorded in camera; a full 32 GB SxS card, containing 13 minutes of recorded ProRes 4444 material, will typically be downloaded and verified in less than 10 minutes.
  • The generation of two or more copies of ARRIRAW or ProRes data, including a copy for shipping to the postproduction facility.
  • The ability to quality check recorded data (either continuously or spot-check).
  • If required, the ability to modify or add metadata to recorded data (such as scene and take numbers, selected take notes, etc).

DDU dimensions

  • Approx. 860 mm wide x 730 mm deep x 930 mm high.

For booking enquiries or to discuss the specific requirements of your project, please call 01895 457 100.