When it counts...

When it counts...

Achieve superb image quality at lower costs with 2-perforation

ARRI Media’s 2-perforation movements offer budget-conscious productions an economical route to the image quality of 35 mm. With a native resolution of 2.39:1, 2-perforation delivers a cinematic, widescreen look that takes advantage of the full width of a 35 mm frame. As film is advanced by two perforations instead of the traditional four perforations, previously unused space between frames is eliminated. This translates to less stock and, consequently, a reduction in processing costs, with only a minimal reduction in negative area compared to 4-perforation.

A 2-perforation pipeline involves no extra work or expense once the decision to go through a DI has been taken; the ARRISCAN film scanner, for example, can scan 2-perforation material just as easily as 3 or 4-perforation footage. It is a simple matter to create a normal anamorphic release print from scanned 2-perforation images.

There are also benefits on set as 2-perforation allows for longer individual takes than conventional 35 mm, as each roll of film effectively lasts twice as long. This also means fewer reloads, as well as fewer short ends, providing increased efficiency while filming. One production that took advantage of this was the Caméra d'Or-winning HUNGER, on which cinematographer Sean Bobbitt, BSC shot an entire scene in a single, incredibly tense, 20-minute take. “I don’t know of any other film format that we could have done that in,” says Bobbitt.

It saves time, it saves money and you don't have to interrupt performances.

Clearly 2-perforation offers benefits as a widescreen format for feature films, but many television productions have also taken advantage of its cost savings and image quality. “You still have the depth, the tonality, the highlights, the colour range and the subtlety of 35 mm, as well as the cameras, accessories and lens ranges,” says cinematographer Adam Suschitzky, who shot the BBC mini-series EMMA with 2-perforation cameras supplied by ARRI Media. “It saves time, it saves money and you don’t have to interrupt performances.”

The ARRICAM Studio, ARRICAM Lite and ARRIFLEX 235 are all available with a 2-perforation movement. An ARRICAM Studio can achieve running speeds of 1 – 60 fps forwards and 24 fps in reverse, while the Lite reaches 48 fps forwards and 24 fps in reverse. The ARRIFLEX 235 will run to 75 fps (forwards only) and all three cameras can utilize their full range of shutter opening options.

* To capture 10 hours of images: 2-perforation needs 72 x 400ft rolls, 4-perforation needs 154 x 400ft rolls. (Saving calculation based on 50ft waste with 4-perforation and 25ft waste with 2-perforation)

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