Russian Arm System



The Russian Arm System combines a gyro-stabilised Flight Head with a gyro-stabilised, remote-controlled, pan and tilt mobile arm to provide 360° panning capability at high speed.

A specially designed heavy duty roof platform allows the Russian Arm System to be mounted to its principle mobile base, the Mercedes ML55 supplied by Bickers Action. Both the arm and Flight Head are fully controlled via joystick consoles from inside the ML55, allowing a moving subject to be tracked and shot from just about any and every angle.

Vehicle speed dependant on conditions & application

Technical details

Operating tilt angle ±45°
Speed 6 sec/360°
Reach from fulcrum 4.1 m (13’ 5.5”)
Fulcrum from ground 2.44 m (8′)
Maximum lens height front of vehicle 2.85 m (9’ 4”)
Maximum lens height side of vehicle 4.39 m (14’ 5”)
Maximum lens height rear of vehicle 4.09 m (13’ 5”)
Minimum camera operating height from ground level 30.5 cm (12″)
Height of crane arm when level 3.15 m (10’ 4”)
Maximum arm payload (remote head & camera package) 65 kg (143.3 lbs)
Weight (Russian Arm, Flight Head, camera & counter weights) 350 kg (771.62 lbs)