Freedom to move

ALEXA has been ergonomically designed to provide versatility and unparalleled ease of use, with unique in-camera recording solutions. Portable, well balanced and untethered by cables, it can be comfortably operated handheld or on a Steadicam rig for extended periods.

The specially developed EVF-1 electronic viewfinder features an almost total lack of image delay, allowing camera operators to keep up with even the fastest action.

Familiar means fast

With features inspired by generations of ARRI film cameras, ALEXA will be instantly familiar to experienced crews and is compatible with the vast array of 35 mm lenses and accessories in ARRI Media’s inventory. Dedicated hardware buttons, flexible soft buttons and a user-friendly jog wheel make setting parameters such as frame rate, shutter angle and white balance easy enough to learn in minutes.

Rugged equipment, solid support

ALEXA typifies the build quality ARRI is famous for and ARRI Media has years of experience supplying productions that shoot in demanding environments all over the world. By combining the most reliable digital camera on the market with our dependable backup and support, you'll be free to forget any technical concerns and focus on more important things.