Truly cinematic images

ALEXA produces images that have the organic look and feel of film, delivering incredible production value at an affordable cost. The use of 35 mm PL mount lenses allows cinematographers to manipulate focus and depth of field to create the kind of rich and spellbinding pictures that audiences associate with cinematic storytelling.

In order to elevate ALEXA to new heights of digital image capture, ARRI has developed a unique, 35 mm-sized CMOS sensor that achieves a perfect balance between the many different elements of overall picture quality.

Newly developed CMOS sensor

  • 800 EI base sensitivity for beautiful images on night shoots and in low-light conditions
  • 14 stops of latitude to capture every detail, from the brightest highlights to the darkest shadows
  • Natural colour rendition gives you rich, vibrant pictures and pleasing skin tones
  • Excellent colour separation makes compositing effortless
  • Very low noise guarantees flawless results, even on the big screen

Great on the big and the small screen

ARRI Media is presenting ALEXA as a camera suitable for both television and motion picture work. For TV productions, the time and cost savings as well as the extraordinary simplicity of ALEXA workflows will transform budgets and schedules, while the cinematic image quality will stagger viewers. For feature films, the sheer variety of outputs, functions, lenses and accessories will enable cinematographers to realize their visions without ever feeling restricted by technology.