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Who we are and what we do

The camera and grip division of ARRI Rental UK strives to be instrumental in realizing the creative visions of international filmmakers and content producers by providing first-class equipment—and an unsurpassed level of service—to feature film, television and advertising productions.

With sibling facilities across Europe and North America, ARRI Rental is well placed to support projects of any size, whether based at established or emerging production hubs, or shooting on location anywhere in the world. 

Our equipment

Through continual investment in cutting-edge products, ARRI Rental carries an impressively wide range of equipment from the world’s leading manufacturers, all maintained to the highest standard. From cameras, lenses and accessories to remote heads and cranes – ARRI Rental can supply it all.

The group’s combined resources and expertise also allow ARRI Rental to develop and roll out exclusive, proprietary technologies. These include the HEXATRON crane vehicle, ALEXA XT B+W and the ALEXA 65, a larger-than-large-format solution comprising the world’s only true 65 mm digital cinema camera, custom-designed lenses such as the DNA series, and fast, efficient workflow tools.

Our team of engineers and technicians maintain equipment, and often customise it, to exacting standards. An on-site engineering department and machine shop allow repairs to be carried out and bespoke modifications to be made in-house. The company has modified lenses and created dozens of unique items for clients over the years and will always endeavor to accommodate any special requirements by either finding, or building, a solution.

Our service

ARRI Rental’s service extends beyond supplying reliable equipment, to providing advice and support through our knowledgeable staff.

Our team has the experience and technical know-how to ensure that film and program-makers get the shot they want, every time. We can help with decisions on the most suitable equipment for different needs and budgets, while our comprehensive camera testing facilities provide the ideal environment for crews to plan and test for projects. ARRI Rental’s spacious test rooms are supported by dedicated technicians who assist camera teams in preparing for the start of a shoot, and once a production is under way, we’re always on call for swift technical support.

Why choose ARRI Rental?

For our customer focused service and renowned product reliability.

Working with ARRI Rental means direct access to an extensive range of the latest high-quality products, the experience and expertise of a highly skilled, knowledgeable team and the backup of a global organisation.

We would love to talk to you about your next project. Call us for excellent advice.