The specialist

ALEXA M is the specialist in the ALEXA family of cameras, shining with its ability to fit into places a regular ALEXA could not easily go. ALEXA M is the ideal camera for 3D rigs, helicopter shots, underwater rigs, car interiors, action photography, Steadicam, handheld and in general for placing a camera in very tight or safety critical spots.

Watch the ALEXA M in action

The head and body of the M are connected with a high performance fiber optic cable, which in a hybrid form can also be used for powering the head. Weighing less than 3 kg, the compact front end offers multiple mounting points and versatile maneuverability, delivering beautiful ALEXA images to the system’s processing and recording unit which can be kept apart from the head in a more accessible location.


ALEXA M unique features

Separate camera head and body
• Highest flexibility on set
• Small form factor and low weight of M-head for lightweight and size-critical camera and 3D applications
• Fiber optic interface between M-head and M-body for long distance signal transmission
• Physical separation of sensor and back-end electronics enables accessibility of the body’s user interface and image outputs in special shooting situations